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with a one-two punch of ice and extremely bitter cold. this is the twin cities, minneapolis, st. paul where normally they eat winter storms for breakfast. 12 degrees right you in in minneapolis and with the windchill, zero degrees fahrenheit. forecasters there say this might be the coldest cold snap in ten years. >>> question, are you a casual football fan or are you a die hard football maniac? an impressive of blanket of snow didn't keep fans out of the stands or the players off the field in philadelphia. look at that. the philadelphia eagles won, by the way, 34-20 over detroit. both teams are winners when you think about what they played in. the highway patrol says eyes and bad visibility to blame in this pile-up in milwaukee countiy, wisconsin. 18 wheelers jack knifed and cars smashed into them. more than 40 vehicles wreck individual. police up and down the shore of lick michigan are advising people, guess what? stay home. >>> headed toward the east coast now, it is not wisconsin cold, but it is certainly nasty. 31 degrees and freezing. it is making for an interesting day at reagan natio
has ruled the city can go ahead with its bankruptcy. it's a decision that cog fundamentally reshape a major american city. >>> and right now, retailers are tallying up their cyber monday sales. it looks to be the biggest online shopping day in history. >>> hello, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we start with new developments in the deadly train crash in new york city. and an admission from the train's engineer. other news outlets have reported the engineer fell asleep but now in his own words, the engineer says he was awake but he was "in a daze." just ahead of the crash. recovered data recorders show the train hit the 30-mile-per-hour curve at almost three times that speed. it was going 82 miles per hour. the data also show the engineer slammed on the brakes too late to stop the crash. ntsb investigators say they now know what happened, but not why. four people died in the crash, 19 of the injured remain hospitalized. joining us now with more on the investigation our own nic robertson who has been watching what's going on from the beginning. is the engineer, i assume he is, still a
. >> reporter: but even if he never makes it to the plaza e. has friends like these city workers looking out for him. >> i tell guy, don't judge no one. you never know what a person went through. >> reporter: and then there's his infectious inner peace. all the money in silicon valley just can't buy. how do you manage to keep a positive attitude? >> faith, prayer. it works. try it. >> reporter: bill weir, cnn, new york. >>> all right. much more of the newsroom straight ahead. hello again. i'm fredricka whitfield. a cold snap is gripping the central parts of the country knocking out power for hundreds of thousands of people. grounding flights and plunging many states into bone-chilling cold. how long will it last? we'll tell you next. >>> after six weeks locked up in north korea, an elderly u.s. war veteran is suddenly freed. we're going to take you to california live for the latest on his whereabouts. >>> and nelson mandela. you know him as an antiapartheid revolutionary, a prisoner, and as south africa's first black president. but what about an athlete? we'll take a look at his love of spor
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conditions in some cities that aren't to used freezing rain, sleet and snow. shear a live look at santa lewis, expected to be hit by snow and ice tomorrow. dense fog there right now. dense fog here, too, in atlanta. let's head to new york, though, and eindra peterson. >> you nailed it, it is the threat of freezing rain that we're so concerned with. but more snow still expected to fall anywhere from over a foot of though still in through colorado, even through minnesota. we'll still be talking about, yes, that heavy snowfall, but let's take a look at the system and where it's expected to go forward from here. now, this is what we were talking about, that freezing rain threat. where you see the pink, that's a wintry mix. what we're concerned with is that wintry mix could be not just sleet, but freezing rain anywhere from southern pougs porti portions back through texas. this is thursday at 9:00 p.m. and notice how the wintry mix spreads all the way into the ohio valley. likely the far north you are, you're just dealing with sleet. but notice we're still dealing with the system even through the
in 100 cities across the country, from new york city to new orleans, to oakland, trying to pressure employers into paying a livable wage of $15 an hour. now they've got a powerful ally on their side, president obama. >> we know that we're going to have a greater and greater portion of our people in the service sector and we know that there are airport workers and fast food workers and nurse assistants and retail sales people who work their tails off and are still living at or barely above poverty. that's why it's well past the time to raise a minimum wage. >> but the message being pushed by the president and protesters doesn't sit well with some corporate executives. this is a dire prediction for 15 bucks an hour from an executive at white castle. >> there are groups out there that are asking and pleading to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour and to more than double the federally mandated started wage wouldn't be bad for white castle, it would be catastrophic. 406 restaurants and what we know is that would result in closing more than 200 of those restaurants and the ones remaini
's a search for the truth. we did so in this case. our city has two universities, major universities here. and we have dealt with athletes on prior occasions, and made decisions at some time to prosecutor them if the facts merited it. we have carefully examines all of the evidence in this case and have concluded that no charges will be filed against anyone in this case. >> there you have it. that is the headline. i want to talk about this with a number of people at the top of the show. we have cnn's legal analyst and former prosecutor sunny hostin, prosecuted many a rape case, and also former falcons player jamaal anderson, and cnn's martin savidge. big news for folks in tallahass tallahassee. martin, let me begin with you because this percolated. this was a drip, drip slowly. a lot of questions over why this happened and why it took -- we're two days shy of a year to finding out what his feat would be. >> december 7th, 2012, is when this young lady called authorities to report what she said was a rape. yet, why is it here it is now almost a year later when we get the results, which is on
in hand and getting a better sense what may have caused a commuter trail to derail in new york city. four people were killed. right now, the white house is giving the new and improved obama care website some positive reviews. the obama administration says the site is running smoothly for the vast majority of users. >>> and right now, president obama is getting ready for a speech marking world aids day. activists are calling for more money to combat hiv and aids. the president's remarks live this hour. >>> hello, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. estart with a deadly commuter train crash in new york city. this morning had, crews started picking up derailed cars and putting some of them back on track. investigates are are poring over the wreckage to try to figure out how the train crashed. four people died, 67 others injured. one of the survivors spoke on cnn's "new day" this morning describing how she rode out the wreck. >> i wound up going kind of up one side and then just rode into where i was technically on the ceiling. and when it landed, i fell to the side where the windo
: that was exactly the concern. the threat of freezing rain and people trying to commute into the city and also since there's a second wave this evening, they were worried they'd be trying to leave home in another round of those dangerous conditions on the road. the other concern were the cold temperatures, worried about volunteers being out here for prolonged periods of time. we keep talking about the temperatures, now cold air. many people without power. 5,000 people lost power yesterday. now it's down to about 500 in memphis. you talk about the temperatures dipping down and the threat that more people can lose power if we continue to see freezing rain tonightthat's what's on everybody's minds right now. >> absolutely. thank you so much. we appreciate you doing yeoman's work out there. a lot of questions also remain after an 85-year-old korean war veteran was mysteriously released after mysteriously being held in north korea for six weeks. merrill newman is now back safe at home. >> reporter: putting on military fatigues in a run-down office in seoul, former members talk about the korean war. now i
in crashes but has yet to go off. >>> current and retired city workers in detroit got the news they had been dreading today. a judge ruled that detroit now qualifies for bankruptcy protection. what that means is that people's pensions could be slashed. the judge calls the bankruptcy a chance for a fresh start. people who counted on the city to keep their promises on the pensions, they are calling today a betrayal and lawyers plan to appeal. poppy harlow joins me from new jersey on the phone with more on this. poppy, are the pension cuts a sure thing? >> reporter: most likely, yes. the question is not if, but i think how deep are the cuts going to be. you have to remember, this is the biggest municipal bankruptcy in the history of this country. the city of detroit is $18 billion in debt. they filed for bankruptcy in july. when i was there talking on that day they filed bankruptcy with the emergency manager of detroit, he told me they are going to have to be some cuts. he has to get rid of at least $9 billion in debt. how do you do that? well, you don't pay back all you owe to wall street inve
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take a listen what it felt like trying to drive into the city. >> we had an exciting ride down. took us nine hours, which is normally a four- to five-hour trip. window wipers icing up. lines down over the highway on 55. it was closed for a time. and winter everything from ice to snow. it was a -- it was a journey. >> reporter: so, just for that reason you can tell that right when people were trying to drive in or drive out is the second wave of the ice storm is expected tonight, would have been very dangerous and the exact reason they did have to cancel the marathon. on the other side of it are these freezing temperatures that we're talking about. with the windchill this morning it was in the single digits, as we start to cool off again tonight, we'll get another round of freezing rain that will be a concern. and many people without power, yesterday about 5,000, and today it's 500 people, but with another round overnight tonight there's a potential for even more people to lose power and many people saw half an inch of freezing rain in west memphis that's what they saw and north of us in
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. roads have turned into ice risks there. shutting down entire portions of the city. now that sleet is moving east. indra petersonss has more. >> a potentially catastrophic size storm blanketed the nation's as midsection over night. >> this is the sixth i'm i've had to stop. >> large scale power outtages forced oklahoma, and tennessee officials to declare a state of emergency. east arkansas frozen by unto an inch of ice and wet snow leaving many without power. an outage officials say could last up to a week. temperatures are expected to stay below freezing for many days. this icy mixture caused multiple rollovers in arkansas, including this seven-car pile-up in washington county. and in oklahoma, the driver of this truck lost control on an icy bridge and plummeted into a lake. >> it's real slick. if you got to stop, you slide and try to get up the hill and couldn't make it up the hill. the best thing to do is stay home today. >> reporter: in illinois, vehicles slide right off the highways as accumulation of sleet and ice reached as high as a quarter inch in many southern keep thes.
of new england and moves out. timingwise in the cities. let me show you what we're going to expect. here's washington, d.c. we do have a winter storm watch there. in the morning tomorrow will be snow and sleet. change over to freezing rain and sleet tomorrow night. one to two inches of snow, maybe a quarter of an inch of ice. again, monday, temperatures will warm up. philadelphia, we'll watch in the afternoon. the snow and sleet come in. and then at nighttime we're going to see the rain come in. maybe one inch of snow and sleet combination. a new york city, it's really a sunday night affair starting off as snow, changing to sleet and then changing to rain. maybe an inch of snow and sleet. so, fred, we'll talk more about the timing of this but also interior area, fred, along that i-81 in virginia, roanoke, that will be the hardest area hit with ice. >> folks are going to have to be real careful. >>> all right, merrill newman, the 85-year-old american captured and locked up by north korean authorities earlier this fall is now back on u.s. soil accused of alleged crimes during his time figh
of the united states and changed the weekend plans for millions of people from the rockies to new york city. it hit central virginia today at about noon. a thick layer of sleet and rain froze over when temperatures dipped into the 20s. also to date, near milwaukee, wisconsin, about four cars and semi trucks smashed into each other on southbound interstate 94. at least 50 people are reported hurt. a live look here at reagan national airport just outside washington, d.c. lots of planes are flying. nowhere. lots of people stuck in the terminal. we will go live there in just a minute. and new york city, yes, we waited for it all day and now it's snowing. the question is, how long and is it cold enough to stick? and has anyone mentioned that winter isn't here for 13 more days. and weather separated the football fanes from the real die hard fans today as mother natured threatened to ruin nfl game day. that brings us to the first of our five questions for the week ahead. will your monday morning commute be a nightmare? alexandra steele at the weather center in atlanta. alexandra, lots of snow, wil
, it's no better. this was the scene in yonkers, outside new york city. police say 30 people were injured in a 24-plus car pile-up on the bronx river parkway late last night. one reminder, falling ice posing a huge threat. a sheet of melting ice fell to the ground in plano, texas, damaging at least eight parked cars. thankfully no people were on street at the time. cnn is covering all these developing weather stories for you. our meteorologist chad meyers will be joining us in a moment with the forecast. let's go to cnn's row sal flores first. she's watching the comings and goings out there on the new jersey turnpike. what's going on out there, rosa? >> wolf, up with of the things we're dealing with is low visibility. so all the drivers out there using their low beams, there is precipitation in certain areas so they're using the windshield wipers and it's in the 30s. they're also cranking up the heat. let me set the scene for you. you can see that visibility is low. the clouds are low. so drivers are being very careful out there. you're looking at the new jersey turnpike. traffic
a lot of problems as well i'll have a live report in just a moment. ke. i use my citi thankyou card to get 2x the points at the coffee the office, which will help me get to a beach in miami and they'll be stuck at the cube farm. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points dining out, with no annual fee. go to you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. i didn't know the coal thing was real. it's very real... david rivera. rivera, david. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. >>> it's like the difference between night and day, how the man in charge of fixing the obama care website describes the experience for people who sign up now after that self-imposed deadline to get the site working for the majority of users. the obama administration under heavy criticism and scrutiny after botching the website's launch on october 1st says the site is better. much better. senior white house correspondent brianna keilar at the white house with more on this. good morning. >> good morning to you, caro
. first for college football history. >> kansas city police have a mystery on their hand. a fight in a parking lot after sunday's football game ended with one person dead. police aren't saying much. they're treating the case as a homicide investigation, and ted rowlands joins me now live from chicago. ted, how did this begin? what happened? >> well, basically, three guys left the game or found their car in the parking lot of arrowhead stadium while the game was still going on, the broncos and kansas city chiefs and found a stranger sitting in their vehicle. a fight ensued and the stranger, a 22-year-old man, died. he ended up dying. and then, the investigators came in. the first thang they have to figure out, of course, is how did this young man die? >> the medical examiner is obviously going to perform a autopsy, but the hospital said there's no obvious signs to how this person passed away. we don't know if this person had a medical condition that caused his death, but we're going to investigate it as an homicide until we hear differently. >> so after this investigation, the init
read this for you. this is from the town -- basically, the city council person, they call this personal the first electman in newtown. she says this, once we have that behind us, i think we can take a collectible breath and confront our next step on that journey to rebuild our sandy hook school and develop our sense of confidence, to regain our feet, and to say we are ready to continue on. joining me, clinical psychologist jeff gardere, and steve kardian, none of us can pretend to understand what it's like, even the people in the communities, because everyone felt this about one year ago. jeff, what is the process of, i don't know, coping with this, these 911 tapes released today. >> 911 starts to give answers as to what it is that actually happened, giving us an analysis where we can be more prophylactic and more proactive in the future. all of this goes into the dapta base as to looking at the profiles as to how to avoid these situations. for the people who are involved in this tragedy, this, as you just read, and i think it's very accurate, may be that last piece they need to confron
cities. even president obama's offering moral support. >> we know we're going to have a greater and greater portion of our people in the service sector and we know that there are aren't workers and fast food workers and nurse assistants and retail salespeople who work their tails off and still living at or barely above poverty and that's why it's well past the time to raise a minute mum wage. >> executive with the white castle burger change, playing employee $15 would kill the company. >>> other news, state department has now confirmed that a united states citizen was killed in benghazi, libya. details are still coming in to cnn. the man worked as a chemistry teacher at an international school in benghazi. senior international correspondent nic robertson joining us from new york. the american has been identified. >> reporter: he has. ronnie smith was his name, a young man from believed to be from texas, was a chemistry teacher at that international school in benghazi. but the web postings, social media postings put up, he was well liked. principal attent national school saying h
york city just not moistening up the atmosphere to see the snow begin to fall. a little bit we'll make it move in. >> here's the bit with of no through the mid atlantic, you can see we're going new farther north, and overnight it all becomes a rabemaker, and you can see by tomorrow morning it's just rained around because the temperatures will be in the 40s. unlike the ice storm of dallas and memphis a few days ago this really will be a different animal. washington, d.c., the advisories are posted and it's changing over to sleet and this is the caveat with it all. during the overthe night hours it will go from freezing rain to rain. one to two inches of snow and sleet. philadelphia will see the greatest in the accumulation and maybe three to six inches of snow and sleet. right now it's snow, changing over to sleet, mixing in tonight and becoming a rain game and the new deal with it already, but will finally watch overnight, but potentially half an inch, and then fund for them as well. >> tomorrow morning's commute will not be pretty. >> no. >> alexandra, thanks so much. >>> let's go to
/sleet accumulation of an inch, in new york city dry until tomorrow and late tomorrow night snow and sleet changing over to rain, could see up to an inch of snow and sleet in new york city. look at these temperatures by monday in new york, boston, washington, all will be in the 40s. so certainly, deb, we'll see a different scenario with this one because of the quick changeover from any ice that does fall to rain and certainly melting it all on the byways and overpasses. >> that is good news. thanks so. some people have stayed in doors and venting their weather blues online. rosa, you have been following this. there's a good response as to how people are riding this out. >> they are. one of the things that really stands out is the variation in temperatures. some areas in arkansas the temperatures went from 70 degrees to freezing. here's an interesting contrast. they found their colorful flowers covered in ice. this was sent in by ireporter susan brockett, she said the day started off with drizzle and then bam, pounding layers of ice. and joslin lockwood from texas, she said still covered in ice with
in johannesburg for us. tomorrow is taking place in soccer city during the world cup, a huge stadium, 90,000 plus seats. given the interest and the crowds behind you now, will that be big enough to accommodate everybody? >> reporter: in a word, john, no, and that's why the government has facilitated three, count them three overthrow stadiums for people who want to attend tuesday's memorial service, plus they will be broadcasting the ceremony via livestream to 90 big screens set up all over the country. john, i'm not sure how many university football games you've been to but what's happening around me now you could compare to a battle of the bonds. over my right shoulder a south african group, over my left a nigerian group who has come here and outside nelson mandela's home where he passed away late thursday evening to add to the euphoria and celebrations here, paying respects to a man who is credited for bringing this nation together, facilitating the first democratic elections and becoming first democratically elected president, first black president as well. you mentioned the 91 heads of state
interstate 35, about 30 miles or so north of downtown dallas in the city of lewisville, a suburb of the dallas area, a truck slid off the interstate 35 and into the lake -- into lake lewisville, which the interstate goes over. lewisville firefighters had to dive into the frigid waters to try to save the driver, but they were unable to do that. so that driver passed away after sliding off the interstate. and that interstate has really been causing some problems for a lot of drivers over the last 24 hours. so if you're in that area, be extremely careful. >> oh, my god, that is horrible. well, our hearts go out to his family. thanks so much, ed lavandera. so the conditions are very dangerous. and if not dangerous now, potentially dangerous. let's find out where the storm is headed next. jennifer grey, welcome. this is our first time talking to each other on the air. >> it is. >> welcome from sunny miami. well, so much for sunny skies. >> i know, right? >> yeah. >> temperatures around 82 and sunny. yeah, a little different. yeah, we are seeing the system pushing out in wave number tw
, back into new york, also 4 inches for baltimore, for d.c., and probably 2 to 4 for new york city. that is snow, not ice. but the problem is there is ice under that snow, because something is going to refreeze tonight. all of that stuff that's out there right now, brooke, that's just liquid on all of these overpasses across the poconos and all the way through parts of virginia, west virginia, even d.c., that will freeze after sunset tonight, so please be careful. i know it feels wet now, but it will bei ice in about three our four hours. >> how about the ice sheets falling off the buildings in plano, texas. have you ever seen anything like that. >> >> yes, i have, but what tells me they knew this was going to happen, there were two separate cameras already rolling. they could see this was starting to slide already, sliding off. that is more when i was growing up in buffalo, when the snow would slide off the roof and come down and take off the gutters and all that. that car there is a wreck. i have heard of golf-ball sized haul, but not ping-pong ball table sized. and the airports
by the driver of that vehicle that on monday morning was stolen from this location near mexico city, about 44 kilometers north. now, in total, six people, all six showing symptoms of radiation. all being treated at the same hospital. but again, the question is, are those two in the custody of the mexican federal police the two people who stole the truck on monday and are they going to eventually face charges for this? >> let's go back for a second, remind people. you touched on it, but here you have this truck carried, what was it, cobalt 60? >> it originated in tijuana. it traveled all the way to central mexico and got stopped near mexico city where it was stolen when the driver stopped to get some rest at a gas station there. immediately, the iaea and mexican authorities issued an alert saying we have some missing cobalt, which as you know, it is very toxic. it is very dangerous. it's used for radio therapy. it's also used for sterilizing food because it contains a high level of gamma rays, which have the property of cleaning the food but not damaging it. and so there was an alert, an inter
. total accumulation and monday it is a rain game and all that rain moves out. for new york city that snow moves out. appreciate that. >> a heart felt good-bye to actor paul walker. those who adorn them and his talents today we'll take you there. d" life could be hectic. as a working mom of two young boys angie's list saves me a lot of time. after reading all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today. ♪ ♪ where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ >>> police say a pennsylvania co
inches of snow and sleet on monday as.swarm up into the 40s. new york city the snow will make its way in within an hour or so. that is quite the full bag of tricks there. >> sounds good. >> all right happening right now. on the west coast. santa clarita, california. a tribute to fast and furious star. walker's fans organized this. came up with a way to honor the two men. he died last week after a porsche that he was riding in brurs the burst into flames. >> looks like a pretty sizable turnout. >> fred, we have had more than 1,000 people up and down the street right now. we will call it a makeshift car show. huge crowd here gathering here. and even further down the street another part of the memorial. one man from bakersfield built a huge pose ter board that people could sign. >> it is like losing a friend. we never met face-to-face but sitting there bringing movies into your house. it really hurts. he was a genuine person with a big heart. he wasn't like every other celebrity. materialistic things were not important to him. helping people. he was an amazing person. >> and a very emoti
the beginning of a 21st century labor movement. fast food workers protesting in 100 cities across the country this week. they're calling for a living wage, $15 an hour. they are not alone in their call for better pay.
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